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What might you like to tell Milwaukee?

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I’d like to tell them, I don't know, to do something about their education programs and their transportation. That’s definitely something that’s got to be, to go out to the suburbs and that. You have to get behind that. Oh and things for the handicapped, do more programs and that for the handicapped, or for people who need to work at home.

What might I like to tell Milwaukee? The program that I’m in now has helped me immensely. I’m not hungry anymore. I have my food in the afternoon but there is also, there is enough to save for supper so I have enough for lunch and supper so it means a lot to me. Thank you. Bye.

I would like to tell Milwaukee what I learned when I was taking the docent training class at the Milwaukee public museum. I had come here from Nebraska. And we have now lived here 16 years. But at that time I knew no one in Milwaukee I knew nothing about Milwaukee, I knew nothing about Wisconsin. And as a docent trainee in the Milwaukee public museum, I learned a lot about the history of Milwaukee, about how it grew, about the people – the many different nationalities that came to Wisconsin and why they came and the reasons that they were looking for. I learned that WI was never a home-stead state, which Nebraska was a home-stead state so I had to learn about the federal lands that people purchased and how they really were never really children. They did have a few toys that they played with that are in the pioneer house the current pioneer house but they were little workers. They helped the family, the parents, with anything that had to do with their new life in this new country. So I would love to tell them about that.

I would like to tell Milwaukee that Milwaukee is a great city with a rich history and we should learn about that history and try to continue the rich history into the present time to do great things in this city.

We need more public places with art - outdoor and indoor. It's good for the soul.

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