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Question of the Day

What is the most well-worn path in your home?

Past Answers

Bed to shower to fridge to stove to couch to toilet to floor to shoes to door

To the freezer to get ice cream.

From our his and hers office alcoves to the kitchen.

Hall between the side door, kitchen, basement stairs and second floor stairs

I have many well worn paths in my home - from when I enter to hang up my coat to the family room, then through the kitchen to the bathroom then onto the computer room and at the end of the day to the bedroom. These paths are taken my times a day ~ every day.

To my chair & from my chair to the refrigerator or the bathroom and then to bed

From the kitchen table to the front room where all the photo slides and mementos of Dorothy, my bride, mother of Paul & Mary my navigator & caring lover is. Then to my bedroom and of course the bathroom. That's it!!

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