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What is a well-worn path for you outside your home?

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| I met with Bill L for an "in-home visit" with an artist as part of the Islands Team. I asked Bill this question and he paused for quite awhile. Was it too abstract of a question? "There's so many, I can't choose," he said. He showed me a book of stories about his family farm in Charlevoix, MI. Nearly every chapter was entitled "The Path..." The Deer Path. The Swamp Path. The Lake Path. "I have time - you can tell me about all of them," I said.

From my house, to my car, to work . And back

The soles of my shoes

I have a well worn path to the Pick N Save stocking up on groceries a couple of times per week

Going to my old house

My well-worn path is to walk out my back or my front door down forest home 43rd through Jackson Park. I usually make a circle around the lagoon maybe once or twice and then return home. I think it’s probably a mile and a half.

I no longer have a well-worn path because of problems of where I live. I haven’t been able to get out and having lost one of the people that used to go with me on Thursdays.

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