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Question of the Day

What does courage mean to you?

Past Answers

Stepping out of my comfort zone. Just doing it.

Courage is conviction, persistence, never giving up. What you believe is what you do, no matter what.

To stand by what you believe

Facing up to whatever life offers. There are good things then there are tears & trials.

Standing up for what you know is right!

Doing something difficult, challenging, "impossible," daring.

Doing something you're scared to death to do.

Saving someones life with the risk of losing your own.

Crossing National Avenue

Getting up in the morning with all the aches & pains.

Riding the bus!

To carry on with my health problem.

Not giving up when the test is different from what you are use to.

The conviction to take action for another benefit dispite the risks and challenges that stand in ones way to accomplish it.

If you don't know what courage is, go back to school!

To make the difficult choice when it is not convenient to do so.

To honestly face your fears and turn them into character builders.

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