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What blocks your path?

Past Answers

My own inertia.

Alley is full of snow and city does not plow.

My answer is the weather. The weather will block my path, the snow or ice.

My path, includes crossing 4th home and 43rd, and they have stoplights, stop and go lights. We have clearly identified, walk signals. The people who are turning from those streets or onto those streets, do not pay attention to the walk signs, and they will just cut off a walker. They’ll just zoom out in front of you and go past you. So my path is blocked by inconsiderate drivers on, well actually I would include Oklahoma on that also because they are turning from or to Oklahoma, 43rd, and Forrest Home. So I am afraid, and I need some help in my community. Thank you.

What blocks my path Myself. Caring for others, thinking about money matters putting others first.


Me, myself, and I.

Not being able to understand what is being read would block my path

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