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What advice did your parents or grandparents give you?

Past Answers

| Well mostly they didn’t give too much advice, they were indentured to this country. To come from this country from Germany in 1923 and had virtually no money when they came so hard work was their message. My mother said work is more important than play. I played baseball and my team, I fancied myself a good hitter, which I was. I would have liked to continue to pursue baseball but I had to work instead. I got to see my parents in Germany, grandparents in 1958. Two of them on my mothers side. My grandmother was bed ridden and died a few months later. But her husband, my grandfather, sang to her to get a smile on her face as she lay in bed so that was a kind of unspoken advice to me. My mother was a humble person, only had an 8th grade education and did 3.9 average at Marquette and graduate school at uwm and if I got 5As and a B when the report card came she’d ask what happened with that B? I got a kick out of that because she would also say that I was to get my brains from my father as she didn’t think she was too smart but she was smart, in my opinion, in other ways.

When you are on top you'll have a lot of friends but when you need a helping hand see whose there that is your true friends.

Behave yourself always.

Stay in school as long as you can!

Go to my room!

Wear clean clothes, bathe often & don't lie & help others - be kind. When you are good - it all comes back to you.

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