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Let’s write a story of courage: Who are the main characters?

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Grandmother & Granddaughter

My father, came from Italy. He came to America to be a banker and start a business, this took courage.

The main characters are an addict and his Lord and Savior.

Parents and their children


District # 8 Alderman

Cindy, my meal driver.

A man with his pre-teen age son.

With Memorial Day approaching, our troops no matter where they're stationed, are courageous in protecting our country from harm. God bless them all!

Lion in Wizard of Oz

*My Dad & My Mom* They were remarkable & very courageous they were resourceful, thrifty, funny, musical, logical, & they were cute!

Sick people who have courage. Give them credit!

Firemen & Policemen - everyday they are at risk of being killed.

Dr. Martin Luther King and Associates

My Husband

Popeye Brutis

Sandy Q. because she has the courage to work with all us old people, and like it!!

My sister, Joan, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer - she faced the chemo sessions and the after effects with the help of her "rich" faith in God.

I am the main character

Mother Harris

My sister was walking to work one early morning and had a rug wrapped around her head - the sound of the leaves scared her.

My daughter, Ann, is the main character. She has more health problems than most - but late of people wouldn't know it because she is always up-beat and happy.

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