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Question of the Day

Let’s write a story of courage: What should be our hero’s strengths? Weaknesses?

Past Answers

Strength. Compassion. Humor. Wit. Weakness? Makes too many assumptions?

Concern for others above concern for himself, dignity, integrity. The ability to cry, the ability to laugh, the ability to love.

Our hero is innovative with methods to stay in his/her community. The hero will make friends developing many strings to tie herself to those friends. Our hero will do all possible to keep their own area beautiful with the welcome mat out for all. Our hero will stay within the law to bring about positive changes to build the community. Our hero is selfless, giving time and energy to positive activity. Our hero sadly does have a measure of fear by the changes seen or what is perceived as "worst case scenario" happenings in the community. Fear grows within when media news blackens the mind with negative stories about the changing village. Fear makes cowards and enemies of people in our here's village.

Independent - too assertive

jack of all trades - blindly obey

creative - too shy

honest - blunt

focused - misses big picture

Cares & less agile

determination & too big of a task to accomplish

Understanding & old

Kind & undisciplined

Faith in God. Weakness was when I was relying in just myself.

1. God 2. Sugar

Both - we need both to understand the other.

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