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Let’s write a story of courage: What act or situation requires courage?

Past Answers

With a gentle but resolute intention, she moved deeper into the cool water.

The disappearance of family and friends, charting a new course into the land of new friends and new creative connections.

| The act that required courage for us this spring was to take initiative to keep up the house we live in. Ours is an aging neighborhood, with decreasing home values. One block near us had 6 houses listed for sale in a month period because young professionals were fleeing Milwaukee, leaving old people in old houses to support declining school enrollments, pot holed streets, broken and vacant building. Mortar had eroded from between the bricks in our chimney, some bricks were loose. Should we invest in the upkeep of a faltering neighborhood, or should we stay as long as possible than sell the old place? We cranked up our courage and did the right thing for the house, for the neighborhood, for ourselves. We take pride in the old place. It took courage to spend a large chunk of our retirement to have the chimney rebuilt and the house tuck-pointed.

Any situation or act that could result in loss of one's own life, or imprisonment for doing the right thing.

Taking care of your husband who has/had Alzheimer's. Passed away 1994.

Eating my friend's cookie

A policeman confronted with a hostage situation

Going to fight or be in a war

When there is a big fire and someone's house goes up in flames and there are people to be rescued.

Using my walker - I'm ashamed that I need one, I feel so sad and not perfect and having people see that. I no longer try to hide it.

Parents. Bringing up children and teaching them takes the most courage.

It takes courage to intervene when someone is being abused or bullied

Run rapids in a canoe

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