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Is there an intersection you wish you could cross on foot, but feel it is too dangerous?

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The Islands Team distributed Question of the Day cards at Meal Sites across the city, where older adults can get both a healthy, reduced fee meal and camaraderie. We received over 200, passionate responses. In response, we will stage THE CROSSINGS, street performances aimed at encouraging Milwaukee to become a city that SEES and STOPS for pedestrians. May 1st and 2nd. Cross with us! Host a Crossings Workshop. Email us on the Join Us page.

27th and Morgan

Farwell, Murray, Ivanhoe and North!

Farwell and Brady

43rd and Forest Home

Oakland Ave. and Locust St. I am afraid to go to Walgreens because of the traffic on Oakland Avenue. With or without the light as drivers do not pay attention.

The crossings of Prospect at both Kenilworth and Woodstock are extremely hazardous because folks going north race to make the next stoplight at North Avenue. Mothers with children in tow, the elderly from apartments or worse those in wheelchairs from a nursing home are often stuck for long periods or endangered by those weaving around them in the crosswalks. Neither does complaining to the alderman or DPW do anything. The drunk youth at night make this even more hazardous

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