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How would you start a story?

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Once upon a time there was a telepathic cat...

You see Officer, it was like this...

I would start a story with a promise. Not a promise that I have made, but one given by God to Israel in the Old Testament of the Bible. "If that nation concerning which I have spoken, Turns from its evil, I will change my mind about the disaster that I intended to bring on it." Jeremiah 18:8 My story would be one of a broken city that cannot continue along the current path without severe consequences brought on by the choices of that city's inhabitance. Hope will grow from Islands of Milwaukee to change the outcomes from disaster into a flourishing city by the lake. Thank you for helping to turn our failing city system into a flourishing one.

I would think about why my story is important. How can it help others understand something better. Is there a purpose for this story?

I have two sons

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