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How are you courageous in your own life?

Past Answers

I try to do as much for my children & grandchildren daily as possible. I do to the best of my ability to keep going on each day & put a smile on someone's face including my own. Thank You Lord!

Just keeping optimistic all the time

Having 7 children and helping out a neighbor who has dementia

I think bringing up children takes courage – to do it right.

I don't believe I am.

I have broken many bones & injured many parts of my body. But praise God I can walk & do many many things. I guess you just have to be a fighter & Thank God!

To do all my household chores & keep appointments.

Last week I had an accident in my car. I always said I'd be finished with driving at 90 years old & came sooner than I thought. That took courage to quite, but I did.

I was very courageous in 2nd world war & there after. Patriotic. Not Now -- scary to live & move around.

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