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Have you ever done something secretly kind for someone?

Past Answers

I do something secretly for Sisters, Nuns. I gather groceries and took them to their sister house and put them inside the door and rang the bell and ran to my car so they didn’t know who they were from. The other thing that is perhaps bigger is that I have prayed for enemies, people who have done harm to me. Either in academia or in the work place and it’s a competitive world but I have prayed to forgive them and ask to be forgiving toward them for their transgression. So this fits with Matthew 38-48 where he asks us to forgive our enemies and he says if you only love those who love you, there is nothing special about that. Now this is a hard thing to do and it is something I have to work very hard to do but I have been able to do it on a number of occasions to pray for forgiveness for enemies. Now the Amish did it when some of their children were killed at school and they forgave the killers of their children.

My granddaughters once asked me if I believed in fairies. I told that that without a doubt, I did. fairies are real people who do nice things for people in secret. It started a culture of hidden surprises for people that we know and some we don't know.

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