Using the arts to create more connected communities as we age


Street performances to create a city that sees and stops for pedestrians.

Walkable cities are safer and healthier cities. Walkable cities also nurture independence among older adults.

We staged 3 Crossings in 3 Milwaukee County intersections in May 2014. We invited civic officials to cross with performers and neighborhood elders. The result was a playful way to have serious conversations - and it yielded real changes.

We invite you to hold a Crossings in your own neighborhood! Help us teach drivers that WE ARE WORTH STOPPING FOR. And plus…it’s the law.

We are happy to consult with your community to hold their own Crossings!


The Crossings Video

Crossings has an impact

Milwaukee Alderman Tony Zielinski, who represents the Bayview neighborhood, took some action to make Milwaukee a city that SEES and STOPS for pedestrians! 

Learn more here.  

The Crossings Photo Album

The Crossings are street performances designed to create a city that SEES and STOPS for pedestrians. 

Created in collaboration with SouthShore Connecting Caring Communities, a senior advocacy organization serving Milwaukee’s south side, we invited older adults to cross with civic officials - some of whom felt the panic of not being able to get across the street before the light turns for the first time.  

Here are just a few photos.  For more, see our FB page.

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