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June's Treasure

June's Treasure

Sammy and Cu met June in the spring of 2013.
Slowly, they got to know each other.
What is a treasure for you in your home?
My oven said June
The two undergrads from UWM,
who don’t spend a lot of time around ovens,
were a bit surprised.

They learned that June loved to bake
and share her goodies with family and friends.
Does your oven still work?

It did. And the next week, the students brought ingredients for
June’s favorite recipe - Almond cookies with banana frosting.

The house filled with smells and stories of sweets and family and meals.

When they were done, they put the cookies in baggies
and shared them with the Home Delivered Meal Drivers.

Each baggie had a tag that said
These cookies come from June’s oven, which is her treasure.
What is your treasure?

Inspired, the students make a Question for a Cookie booth at the
UWM Student Union and asked over 75 students What is your treasure?
in exchange for a cookie. They shared all the answers back with June.

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