Using the arts to create more connected communities as we age

The Project

The Islands of Milwaukee (IoM) (2012-2014) project aimed to create a sustainable network to bring meaningful engagement to older adults living alone or under-connected to community and to use art to catalyze a community-wide conversation about the importance of connecting to community as we age.

We forged a broad network of partners to reach older adults living alone and built a system to bring meaningful engagement to them through home delivered meals, volunteers, and meal sites and senior centers.

Arts At Home picks up where IoM left off - bringing opportunities for creative engagement to older adults living at home. It is being run through The Creative Trust MKE.

The Questions of the Day are the backbone of this engagement system. Do you know an older adult who is living alone or under-connected to community? Invite them to answer a Question of the Day with you - and share your answers here. Connect. It’s fun. It’s enlightening. It’s good for you!

The Report from the first Pilot year of Islands of Milwaukee is here.


Who participates in this?

| The Questions of the Day are designed to invite another person into conversation. They are ideal for volunteers, families, and friends hoping to connect more deeply with older neighbors or friends who are living alone or under-connected to community. Check this site or our FB page to get our Questions of the Day and share your responses.

How can I bring this to my community?

We are living longer than ever - and more than any other time in history, we are living alone. Every community has systems for reaching older adults living alone - but almost none provide opportunities for meaningful engagement. Feel free to use our system of QoD. Arts At Home/IoM offers consulting to communities to build their own systems. Just drop us an email.

What is the outcome of the project?

| | So much happened and continues to happen! The Arts At Home/IoM Team worked on the pilot project from 2012-2014. We created partnerships and built systems to bring meaningful engagement to elders living alone. Artists offered "artistic housecalls" and built on/with the creativity of the elders to make radio segments, performances and art installations. See our report and the collaborations page for stories of all our incredible encounters!

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Research/Arts Partners

Dissemination Partners


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